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Self Made Official

Goodbye Busy Hello Happy

Goodbye Busy Hello Happy

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The Owner, Director and Founder of Self Made Official; Anueta Madison-Vanderbuilt, has co-authored a book about balancing the challenges of being a busy mum whilst running a business and avoiding burn out!

Life today is busier than it ever has been before, pings and notifications distract us every moment. Work doesn't finish at 5pm as emails, social media and text messages continue to happen around the clock.

This book is a collection of stories, inspiration and advice which guides you to break the cycle of busy and fall back in love with the joy of finding time for yourself. Led by 25 women who are leaders in the fields of wellness and productivity, together with those who have lived experience of breaking up with busy and rediscovering how to be happy and filled with uplifting and inspiring stories that help us to remember our vision for our life and remind us that despite the competing demands for our attention, there is always a chance to change our lives and find more room for joy.

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