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Self Made Tan™ 4 piece kit

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Self Made Tan™️ Has a light weight, organic formula, natural DHA and vegan friendly.
Made with no added scent so you can hardly tell you're using Self Tan.

Self Made Tan lasts 5-7 days before beginning to fade like a natural tan.
No Orange under tones, no streaks and no nasty smells.

Bake in your tan for 3 hours for a natural tan, 6 hours for a medium tan or overnight for a deep dark tan!


Self Made Tan™ Mousse 200ml (RRP $29.99)

Hand applicator And 
Back applicator (RRP $19.99)

Exfoliating Mitt (RRP $14.99)

Total RRP $64.97

Saving $14.97!

Always read instructions on the bottle before use.